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15 November 2005 @ 07:21 am
Who: Elena and Envy
What: Getting acquainted
Where: Shin-Ra HQ
When: A few days ago
Warnings: A little Elena mouth, surprisingly enough.



Elena angrily punched her access code into the elevator's control panel. It wasn't reading her keycard. AGAIN. The elevator shuddered to a start and began to rise. Sighing, she brushed her bangs away from her eyes and watched as the city of Midgar spread before her feet. Her hair was still damp from her morning shower. She grabbed a novel--an imported murder mystery featuring a detective for the Los Angeles Police Department--and began reading where she had left off the night before. Sixty-eight stories meant a long ride, after all.

Envy was slouching on someones desk in the Turk's office. He was early for work, after all he needed to get on the presidents good side. He had a feeling that he pissed him off a little while back. And fearing his mission he would now be on his best behaviour.

He was growing lonely. He was a little to early for his own standards he was now looking at the name tag on the desk he was sprawled out on with his feet resting on the edge of it. He tugged a little at the tie that was already very loosely placed about his neck and the suit coat hung tied around his waist by it's sleeves. Envy was never much for formal attire. 'Elena Sorensen' was printed neatly on the name tag and he again eyed the overly cleaned, yet cluttered desk.

The young Turk was already in a pretty bad mood when she entered the offices. Not only had her keycard been reprogrammed without her knowledge for the millionth time, her favorite character in the novel had been shot and killed by friendly fire in a shootout. So when she saw someone ELSE at her desk, putting his (well, gender was questionable, but this person looked male) feet up on her clean workspace, she flipped.

"OI! What the HELL are you doing, kid? Get the hell off of my desk, or I'll shoot you."

"Oh really blondy? Go ahead put a few rounds in my skull." At this a large smirk crossed his young face and his head twisted a little, but maniacally non-the-less.

A stray dark green lock stroked his face as it fell out of it's place behind his ear. He blew it aside and watched the female with interest. Humans were so foolish, and so very amusing.

"Blondie?!" Elena seethed. "Nothing gives you the right to come in here calling names, espeically since you're in a restricted area dirtying my desk. You're skating on thin ice already, kid. See the suit and badge? They give me the legal right to kill you on the spot." She drew her gun. "Give me a reason not to."

It was all a bluff, of course, but at least it would scare the delinquient teen away. Or so she hoped. She aimed her gun at his head and waited.

His devilish grin grew even wider and he slid himself gracefully off the desk jamming his hand into his pocket he grabbed his own 'Turk' badge and tossed it lightly at her and walked slowly, stalkingly towards her.

"You really are cute, blondie." At this point his own hand gripped the gun his palm on top of her fingers. His thumb was on her trigger finger pushing lightly but not enough to release the hammer of the gun.

"Too bad I won't get to see you again." He pushed three times with his thumb and the gun erupted puting three millimetered pieces of lead into his skull as he fell limply to the ground.

Oh…shit. He was a Turk. A Turk who had just committed suicide via Elena's service weapon. She shrieked. Her mind was going a mile a minute.

Oh God. The President was INSANE to hire someone who would kill himself on his first day. With someone else's gun. Right?! So he just cleansed the gene pool. Gone and good riddance. Darwin Award to Turk Boy. But…but…


Cackling erupted from the body at Elena's feet and he stood up as his healing pushed the bullets out of his skull and he wiped away the blood. And he again grabbed the gun and pointed it at her face.

"I'm not as fragile as you, human." He spun the gun on his finger so that the handle faced her so that she could take it back safely.

Elena paled, her head swimming. She backed away from the newly revived Turk and ignored her gun.

"My...God," she murmered in disbelief. "You're not human."

Suddenly, she came to her senses and snatched her pistol out of his hands. "HEY! That was some trick you pulled, Jackass. You scared the SHIT out me. Do that one more time...and...and...I'll figure out a way to make you STAY dead. Don't DO that to me. So you're a demon or some other unholy creature. Great. Welcome aboard. Just...don't scare your future coworkers, got it? There are enough drama queen-esque antics around here without you pulling that kind of crap on people."

He was again cackling.

"Hey what is the receptionist's name at the front desk?" He asked ready to show off yet another of his abilities.

The girl raised an eyebrow. "Miriam. Why?"

"Ok then." A seemingly bright light in the shape of little bolt pulsed from his body as his very form began to change.

A second later he was completely in the form of a female, the very female that occupied the front desk of the first floor of this very building.

"Name's Miriam. How may I assist you today?" The 'lady' smiled and bowed her head. The voice was perfect exact so that it matched the very human multiple floors below them.

Oh. Brilliant. A shapeshifter.

"Okay, stop with the impersonations. It's getting a titch creepy." She wanted to change the subject. Turning away from 'Miriam,' she pointed to an empty desk. "Okay. Since I'm seriously DOUBTING that Reno and Rude will be off of their Monday hangovers right now, I'll show you around. That's your desk. There's the coffee maker. There's the microwave. No metal or plastic in it, okay? Reno's already blown up two, and it comes out of your paycheck."

"Alriggghhht. So who is this Tseng I hear so much about eh?" He again smirked. And shifted slightly as he reverted to his normal form pushing green locks out of his face.

She blushed slightly. "He's the head honcho. The commander of the Turks. Tseng's responsible for all of our postitions in the Department of Administrative Research."
~\.Envy./~deceitful_sins on November 15th, 2005 10:57 pm (UTC)
"I see." He shifted a little planting himself back on the top of her desk picking his feet up to rest them upon it as he'd done before.

"And what the hell am I suppose to be doing, sittin' on my ass wont get me far I'm sure."
turkswithwings on November 16th, 2005 05:04 am (UTC)
Elena shrugged. "Damned if I know. Normally Tseng's here handing out orders. Since he's been away, Reno's been running the show. Lately, I've sat around and read the paper while I wait for him to waltz over. So, long story short, you're going to be sitting on your ass. It's a Monday, so Reno will be even later. He usually has a hangover on Mondays."
~\.Envy./~deceitful_sins on November 19th, 2005 12:47 am (UTC)
"Alright. Whatever..." He grinned and brushed passed her placing a hand atop her head and messing up her hair before sitting at his desk throwing his, alreay muddy, bott onto the desk with a loud THUD.
turkswithwings on November 19th, 2005 07:29 pm (UTC)
Thoroughly repulsed, Elena turned away from the source of her annoyance and focused on the breathing exercises that her shrink taught her.

Just two days until Junon...just two days until Junon...