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14 November 2005 @ 05:13 pm
Just a little confusion...  

Who: Seifer and whoever happens to be at Paine's weapon shop (hint hint, Paine-mun? *wink*)
What: Seifer returning to Paine's shop
When: while Zell is out meeting Irvine
Where: Paine's weapon shop
Warnings: who knows?

He could feel the stitches in his jaw with every move he made. Every single one of them. Whether it was to speak or smirk, or... hell, he could even feel it a little bit when he swallowed. Sighing in annoyance, Seifer thought to himself about what to do concerning Squall. He couldn't let Zell find the man first- not after all of his boasting. But it would take a little while before the stitches could be taken out, and he couldn't very well go searching for Squall with them.

And everyone was over at Midgar, it seemed. The last thing Seifer wanted to do was get involved with everyone from Balamb again. Just the sight of them made him irritable, as if their sole purpose was to act as a reminder that he had failed. He had FAILED. Seifer scowled as he stalked down the sidewalk- 'failed' was possibly his least favorite word in the world. As soon as he smirked, however, pain jolted through the lower half of his face, turning the expression into a slight grimace more than anything else.

In a very sour mood, Seifer came upon the familiar weapons shop and opened the door a bit more harshly than he needed to. Letting it slam behind him without so much as a second thought, the blond man kept his thoughtful, blue eyes stubbornly set on the floor before him as he made his way behind the counter.