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11 November 2005 @ 04:58 pm
Who: Elena and Kairi
What: Finding a place to stay.
When: Right now
Where: Downtown Midgar, in the rain
Warnings: Considering the participants, probably none.

Elena had been bored when she started trolling ShinraNet's ECD message board. She didn't realize what she would find. She looked at the ECD's screen, at the comments from the girl named Kairi. She was concerned. It was forty-four degrees outside, and dropping as the sun went down somewhere behind the clouds. No child should be out in those conditions. She promised the girl she would come pick her up, and logged off.

Grabbing her coat, Elena ran out of the offices. She stopped at the secretary's desk long enough to tell Miriam to forward her calls to her PHS, and that she was leaving early. Elena's blue suit was a sign for any low-level Shin-Ra employees to not question anything she said.

Five minutes later, she was pulling out of the employee garage in her little silver car. Kairi had been right. It was already raining. Luckily, the park was close, and traffic was fairly light.

The statue was old and rusted. Some famous artist had built it ages ago, but it was fairly unintelligible as to what exactly it was supposed to be. The park was deserted, and the cart that the girl had described was close.

Elena got out of her car and walked toward it, the rain bouncing off of her umbrella. "Kairi?" she called, her breath coming out in white puffs in front of her face. "Kairi? You there? It's Elena."